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Beatles Ringo Starr Yellow Submarine Money Bank 1968

Beatles Ringo Starr Yellow Submarine Money Bank 1968

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Artists : The Beatles, Ringo Starr

Ringo Starr Original Yellow Submarine Money Bank / Box. Manufactured by Pride Creations, USA in 1968 and stands 8" tall. This papier mâché money box has been hand painted. The money box contains a money slot at the back of the head and a hole on the bottom where the savings can be taken out. The hole on the bottom still has it original rubber bung. Both the white circular King Features - Suba Films Ltd 1968 sticker and the black triangular Pride Creations sticker are both still attached to the base of the box. It is in overall excellent condition, just a little bit of chipping to the right hand and a small black spot on the nose.

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