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Beatles Original Still Sealed Rosebud Doll Paul McCartney 1965

Beatles Original Still Sealed Rosebud Doll Paul McCartney 1965


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Artist : The Beatles

An original plastic doll manufactured by Rosebud Dolls Limitedin 1965. This doll is still sealed in its original factory packaging with its cardboard header. The doll is excellent unused condition.

I found the following details on the web concerning the history of these dolls which makes interesting reading!

"Remco's official Beatles doll was authorised by Seltaeb Inc on behalf of NEMS Enterprises Ltd and had been a huge hit in America, and was now being sold in the UK, Europe and Australia. 

In the UK, meanwhile, the craze of 1964 had been Gonks - stuffed toys that looked a bit like Humpty Dumpty, 

with an egg shape doubling as body and head - and two of the Gonk range looked very Beatlesque: Beat Gonk, which was based 

on Paul McCartney, the most popular Beatle amongst merchandise and memorabilia buyers; and Gone Gonk, who had a Beatle fringe 

down over his eyes.  

Rosebud's brilliant idea was to try to make a double killing by producing a figure that combined elements of both. This doll is around 

7.5 inches tall and 4 inches wide, hand to hand, and its stance is very similar to that of the Remco dolls. Like those dolls, it has a black 

body, 'real hair' and originally would have had an instrument hanging around its neck.* To get around legal issues with Remco, 

there are no suit markings on this doll, and the head is far larger... but it's also egg-shaped, which also makes it look very like one of the 

Beatle-type Gonks."


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