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Beatles Hummer Display Box 1964

Beatles Hummer Display Box 1964

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Artist : The Beatles

The Beatles 1964 Hummer Disply Box - An original shop display box for the Beatles Hummer Toy. Manufactured by Louis F. Dow Company in 1964. Promotional advertising written on the box include the words ' Your Beatle Hummer, Lead the Parade' , 'Hum-A-Long with your Beatles' and Brand New! Exclusive! Get Your Official Beatle Hummer. Great Fun! Start your Own Combo'. The Die cut top box measures 12 1/2"x9 1/4"x5"  and has the Hoerner Boxes Inc, Minneapolis stamped on the base. Box in very good condition, corners are strong. Some staining and moderate aging to the box. Please see photos.

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